From Presentation to Partnership

SitOnIt Seating has a brand new CEU available through February 2024!  This one-hour course includes the following chapters: Presentations that Build Business and Inspire Begin with the Basics, but Don’t Waste Time Set the Big Picture. Tell a Good Story. Zero in on Their ‘Why’ but Don’t Forget Yours How Do You Sell Creativity? and […]

Color Your World with Artopex

The summer of 2022 marks the arrival of our four new wood grain colors, three new FENIX laminate colors and four new enamel colors! In addition, enamel colors will now be offered without surcharge on the vast majority of components and metal products in the various Artopex collections. Available now, this wide variety of finishes, […]

NeoCon Launches from DARRAN

Honey, Gin, Palm + Teak .. No, we aren’t mixing up a new cocktail, we’re talking new products launched by DARRAN Furniture at NeoCon 2022!  The Chicago Showroom left us drooling as we experienced texture, color, and creativity from this North Carolina based manufacturer. Honey Expands to Include 90 Degree       Meet Gin […]

Sound Down, Design Up with MPS!

Making Privacy Simple has pioneered the pairing of acoustic paneling and white noise, also known as the ABC’s of sound masking. (That’s Absorb, Block + Cover if you’re new to the game!)  Since their voyage to a new manufacturing facility last year, their product offering has grown exponentially with new designs, expanded color offerings, and […]

DARRAN Furniture Awarded Best of NeoCon Competition and NeoCon Gold

We are excited to announce that DARRAN Furniture won the prestigious award for Best of Competition and NeoCon Gold in the Furniture Systems + Enhancements Category for BEst of NeoCon.  It is such a wonderful moment, especially for those who have worked so increidbly hard to get the Honey collection where it is today!  Designers […]

SitOnIt Seating Roadshow Comes to Minneapolis!

The SitOnIt Seating Roadshow is coming to Minneapolis Sept 14-16! There are so many new products, and so many new ways to create an (and every) space with SitOnIt Seating this year!  That’s why they’re driving around the country to host live local outdoor events.  We’re excited to showcase some of our newest collections, in […]

Meet Cora by SitOnIt Seating

With expert insight from Certified Healthcare Interior Designers (CHID), Cora was designed to withstand the high demands of our modern spaces.  It’s a research-driven solution engeinered for cleanability, reliability and durability – while ensuring central comfort and cohesion across every model! Cora is a high performance solution for multiple environments, including healthcare, education, corporate and […]

Artopex + LaserTec Technology

Artopex is proud to announce the introduction of LaserTec technology.  This innovative technology merges the edgebanding with the surface to leave no visible seams.  Not only does this new process enhance the aesthetics of the design, it eliminates the risk of liquid infiltration and increases durability.   This is the last phase of the Artopex factory […]

Reshaping Education with SitOnIt Seating

Our team recently had the pleasure of participating in a webinar with our SitOnIt Seating Team to discover how the pandemic is reshaping education.  This presentation beautifully showcased what is happening in education with regard to where students learn, the use of technology, how we are focusing on wellness and safety, and of course, product […]

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