SitOnIt Seating Roadshow Comes to Minneapolis!

The SitOnIt Seating Roadshow is coming to Minneapolis Sept 14-16! There are so many new products, and so many new ways to create an (and every) space with SitOnIt Seating this year!  That’s why they’re driving around the country to host live local outdoor events.  We’re excited to showcase some of our newest collections, in […]

Meet Cora by SitOnIt Seating

With expert insight from Certified Healthcare Interior Designers (CHID), Cora was designed to withstand the high demands of our modern spaces.  It’s a research-driven solution engeinered for cleanability, reliability and durability – while ensuring central comfort and cohesion across every model! Cora is a high performance solution for multiple environments, including healthcare, education, corporate and […]

Artopex + LaserTec Technology

Artopex is proud to announce the introduction of LaserTec technology.  This innovative technology merges the edgebanding with the surface to leave no visible seams.  Not only does this new process enhance the aesthetics of the design, it eliminates the risk of liquid infiltration and increases durability.   This is the last phase of the Artopex factory […]

Reshaping Education with SitOnIt Seating

Our team recently had the pleasure of participating in a webinar with our SitOnIt Seating Team to discover how the pandemic is reshaping education.  This presentation beautifully showcased what is happening in education with regard to where students learn, the use of technology, how we are focusing on wellness and safety, and of course, product […]

MIX Up Something New in February!

Mix Mix Mix it up with Claridge Products and the MIX Series! The MIX Series offers design versatility in 3 distinct styles: Industrial, Contemporary and Biophilic.  Nearly every component can be customized, including color, wood finish, writing surface, optional metal tray, metal base and accent strip! We are mixing up something new this month, blending […]

SitOnIt Launches Work from Home Collection

There’s an easy way to work out of the office with comfort, style and some of the industry’s most popular chairs, desks and workstation accessories.  The SitOnIt Work from Home online shop lets you customize and order award-winning products directly with a dealer discount code (Yay for 53% off!) and free residential delivery. The collection […]

DARRAN Launches Honey

We see that work environments with natural elements lead to a higher level of well being and productivity, which is an important consideration for business in terms of responsibility to its employees and its own bottom line.  By embracing biophilic design, Honey workspace furniture addresses the needs of individual users, their varied work styles, privacy […]

SitOnIt Seating: One Place, Every Space

We are thrilled to share that SitOnIt Seating, Ideon and Symmetry have combined into one brand under the SitOnIt Seating brand!  This fantastic news supports the Sell the Room initiative, supporting a variety of products beyond categories and across rooms. All products, including IDEON lounge collections, Symmetry workstation solutions, will now be available from SitOnIt […]

Social Distance with Style

It sounds like a tongue twister:  Social Distance with Stylish Screens from Symmetry!  Try saying that three times fast!  Symmetry has continued to polish up their screen collections following their launch of the acrlic Sector Screens, with the redesign and refinement of their privacy screens.  Mix and match fabric-covered Motif and white board Doodle screens […]