meltdown_name Meltdown Glass products have a multitude of applications for healthcare spaces.  Besides adding a creative element, kiln fired glass is easier to maintain than regular glass (fingerprints are not visible), sanitary, and safe in high traffic areas.  Applications for healthcare are endless, ranging from privacy panels, sculptures, donor and feature walls.
SitOnIt-black Opening or upgrading a physician’s office, building a new clinic or expanding a hospital raises four crucial concerns for the workplace: space, staff, style and support.  Add in the ever-present consideration of the bottom line, diverse seating choices help you create an efficient and productive layout that maximizes comfort for both staff and patients, with affordable design perfectly suited to your professional image and budget.
NEW IDEONsoftSeat Medical facilities across the country have standardized on SitOnIt and Ideon for all the right reasons.  It’s all about the right features, the best designs, the best comfort and the best service – all at the best price.
Trinity-black Trinity Furniture is committed to incorporating environmental sustainability in all our business practices and manufacturing processes. We feel it is important to provide well-designed furniture in the most environmentally responsible way possible.  Trinity Furniture continues to strive for better ways to reduce our environmental footprint through achieving initiatives in FSC and BIFMA Level Certified 3E Program. We will continue to find ways to improve our environmental impact, as we realize how important it is to leave the planet as we found it for future generations.